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Passport to an imaginary world

« No really, search as much as you like, one could not find fault with anything,...a real surprise, how fortunate... an exquisite harmony ». An introduction to the work of Collandre could begin thus, stressing the prismatic changes of colour and light, her subtle composition, the acrylic substance enhanced by gossamer-like collages. And now the insistent mutterings of the artist : «after so many years of drawing, of painting, I managed to escape from reality » ...before that : the object, the other. And then : She. And in between, drawing, painting and technique to bridge that gap, the distance from reality.

Imagine a patient and dreamy waiting, hands that could sketch shapes, create light. She registers, closes her eyes, waits, sometimes provokes. She opens her sketch book then closes it, then... Not to see anything, forget, then remember... these shapes, these colours in an appropriate order... we shall see later on. Collandre is set for adventure. Her eye escapes contingency.

It is possible to play with these disorganized elements that appear to her new way of looking at life. Yes ,she will indeed play, transform as she pleases, interpreting ; she will add or alter. She fills the voids wherever her imagination leads her, accentuates according to her moods, extends a line or does away with another. Everything is possible. She interprets, certainly plays with her harlequins, books bodies or objects. Everything turns in a waltz, it is life. In the colours, light, prisms, collages. What about her drawings ? Are they the same as before ? No indeed, according to Collandre now. The painting has become an object of reverie.

Collandre lets us feel, see and be filled with emotion. Does she unveil herself ?

It has been said that « we live to forget a feeling of rapture ». Let us rejoice that she invites us to recover that feeling.

Jacques Icher Art Critic   
Translation : Barbara Bash   

Collandre - Artiste Peintre - 13, Cit Leclaire - 75020 PARIS
Tl : 01 43 72 62 20 - E-mail : collandre.francoise@wanadoo.fr